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    Beauty on the Beach

    Sexy supermodel in training, Gabrielle Caunésil is a heart melter in so many ways, exuding sweetness, intelligence, and pure charm. Here, she presents herself to photographer Blossom Berkofsky in full force for Beauty on the Beach, with her fierce rawness and moreover, no body retouching! Name: Gabrielle Caunésil Birthplace: Paris...

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    Pop Art to Punk Beauty

    Pop art and punk rebellion have been ways to move culture forward. Rejection of what is considered normal inspires change in fashion and beauty. What is created here is a new way to play with makeup and hair. During the pop art movement, mass marketing reached a boom, and artists embraced...

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    Forget the Beach

    All of us long for that salty just left the beach look, but running down to the beach to get it is a luxury. Well, this is pretty damn close. Taking inspiration from sun kissed skin, and wet slicked back hair, an effortless cool look was created for everyday....