Mercury goes Retrograde by Bill Attride

It is that time, to slow down, step back and consider once again your most precious gift, your self-awareness, the level of your consciousness, what you think of as “you”.

Yes, it is always good to take time to reflect and revise, (but especially for the next three weeks), so that you may be more able to understand yourself, as well as understand one another. Use that space “in-between one moment and the next”, a most precious time, before you react to what was done or said, because you will always benefit greatly by pausing, reflecting and being ever more mindful of your own mental attitude and how that influences your demeanor or temperament, as well as how that affects those around you most certainly as well.

All you can control is you, and this is principally established by your Mindfulness, by your awareness of your Awareness. Yes, it is time to take the next step in being a better person by taking a firmer hold of your own mind. This is what Mercury retrograde offers to you now.

Mercury is turning retrograde once again, and it is a most necessary and wonderful opportunity to consider: What you know, how you know it and in what manner should you (or should you not) share it with others.

Take even more time, be much more careful in listening to and speaking to others.

Much like the weather, if we do not pay attention to the conditions around us, we will most certainly be unprepared for what befalls us. Knowing about this “Astrological Weather” of Mercury, which affects our own mental disposition as well as our communications with one another, we can avoid many problems.

Make use of this time, which ideally is a time for introspection, contemplation, and for a deeper reconsideration how we know and what we know. By going deeper, and being self-critical, we can make corrections, refine our understanding and open our minds to other possible ways to comprehend the world around us, and be more considerate and mindful about one another too.

Mercury retrograde is for review, revision and renewal. From July 7th till July 31st, matters may become more challenging, progress in your affairs may seemingly slow down or become even reversed. This is perfectly fine and is quite truly an opportunity. It is very likely that the matter needed further study or revision. Though you might wish that you could always go forward in straight lines, you must understand that your journey and life are more circuitous, (and more interesting and meaningful for that in the end).

Yes, if it is possible, avoid signing an important contract or other document. But in the modern world life does go on, so just be prepared that when Mercury moves forward you may find the need to revise that agreement. The key as always is to maintain your own center and self-control, because that is all you have.

By taking this time, by paying more attention, by being even more precise in your communications, (and likewise encouraging those you are conversing with to make this same attempt too), you will be able to navigate the unintended pitfalls and problems that Mercury retrograde seems to bring. Really, it is just our own misunderstanding of the change in energies that is to blame. As the great observer of the human kingdom Shakespeare wrote:

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
(Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene III)

We have little to no control as to what takes place around us; but we have the capacity through the development of Wisdom and Humility to be masters of our own mind, and by this we will forge an ever more purposeful life lived in “Right Thinking and Right Action”.

Mercury is retrograding from around 4 degrees of Leo back to about 24 degrees of Cancer. The first 12 days of the retrograde in Leo will bring to focus questions regarding respect, honor and integrity. You will be reminded to understand that you should expect to receive what you bestow; give others their due, respect their position or point of view and they may be more inclined to show you the same consideration.

The second half of the retrograde, from July 19th to July 31st, Mercury will move back through Cancer, and the focus will shift to questions about your home, family, nurturing, and security. The principal opportunity here will be to more deeply consider what is at the root of you, what makes you feel “centered” and secure. Ultimately, it should remind you that all our centers come together and so we find that by our origin in the One “we are all related”. From this we will establish our own well-being through our common center; truly our security is founded upon caring for one another.

The gift of Mercury Retrograde is to help you lift yourself ever higher, and it will bring you that much closer to the most precious thing you will ever know…”Peace of Mind”.

Peace is found within. By taking this time for quietude and contemplation, you can move closer to the sacred space that lies within one and all. It is there, in your sacred center, that you will hear “the Voice of the Silence”, the gentle whispers of Wisdom and Truth that form the Hierarchy of Life and Love.

There, at the center which is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere, it is there that you will become a master of yourself.

by astrologer Bill Attride
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