Blame Candy Fanzine

Blame Candy are a formerly NYC based Glam Rock and Roll band that recently relocated to Los Angeles.  The members are: Chris Greatti on lead guitar and vocals, Aaron Deming on guitar and vocals, Ryan Wheeler on bass and back up vocals, and Sam Polombo on drums.  I met them a couple of years ago through mutual friends and we instantly connected.  I had been working on a secret print project that never came to fruition for about a year before I met them.  It was zine idea and when I met them I decided to scrap that whole plan and shoot them for the project instead to make them the focal point.


The zine is inspired by 60’s and 70’s fanzines of rock and roll bands and stars.  I also took inspiration from the obscure and short lived Los Angeles based groupie magazine Star 1973.  It only ran for 5 issues and was all about rock and roll, and more specifically the glam rock scene that came through the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in 1973.  It focused on the young groupies of that scene that hung out on the strip at places like Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco.


Blame Candy and I have a very similar aesthetic, so it was a perfect match. We worked on this over time with various shoots.  My friend Niko Liakaris styled the shoots and Ashley Jayne Meyers did the hair and makeup.  My very talented artist friend Sean Augustine March did the graphic design for me.  We collaborated on ideas to get it just right.  Once it was finally finished and printed in Los Angeles, I linked up with Ilegal Mezcal to throw the launch party at one of my favorite spots in Hollywood, Madame Siam, where I often host and DJ.


We had a huge launch party on January 23rd to a packed house.  Blame Candy performed, we gave away free zines as well as screened 5 different super 8 films I made of them on loop.  One of the films is of the whole group and then I shot four individual films of each member in an Andy Warhol Screen Test style, but in color.  These are photos of guests from the launch and Blame Candy performing that I took on 35mm film.



Name : Kristin Gallegos

Birthplace : Long Beach, CA

Métier : Photographer, Creative Director and sometime DJ

Sources of inspiration : My muses, muses of the past, movies, music, art, dance, books…

Sources of motivation : Getting better at what I do and bringing to life all the ideas in my head.

What makes you happy : Creating

Favorite reads : Eve Babitz, Bret Easton Ellis, and biographies (mainly about rock
stars, artists, muses and groupies)

Favorite tunes : Currently lots of Fleetwood Mac, The Mamas and The Papas, and Love

Favorite foods : Burritos


Beauty tips : Always wear eye cream and don’t fall asleep with your makeup on.

Favorite ways to unwind : Meditating, incense, reading, listening to music, having a

What gets you in a working flow: Coffee, coffee, coffee

What are you working on now : I am prepping for a few upcoming shoots and a photo

Favorite motto / quote : Don’t dream it, be it.