IDENTITÉ by Diana Law Printed Accessories

Traveling deep into our core, collection Identité celebrates uniqueness. Markings perfectly arranged like codes from a distant journey. Structure dances between rigid and fluid lines, keeping perfect balance day and night. Completed with precious Sapphires from Sri Lanka, each piece brings out the true meaning to ‘one-of-a-kind’. As natural gemstones require millions of years in its formation and are all uniquely colored and marked, no two are the same.
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Reminding us the same uniqueness in our own identity. With ongoing Research and Development, stone-mounting method was re-engineered specifically based on distinctive characteristics found in our printed materials. Sapphires are now greeted, for the first time, by German polymer powder carefully fused per point by laser, from the most advanced manufacturers in France and the Netherlands. Precious gemstones no longer be limited to Fine Jewellery usage. The unimaginable is here.

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Name: Diana Law

Instagram: @dianalawprintedaccessories

Birthplace: Hong Kong

Métier: 3D Printed Accessory and Fine Jewelry Designer

Source of inspiration: LIFE! Being Paris based, things I see, people I meet, books I read,
exhibitions I go to and loads more…Science fiction has always played a strong role in my
creative inspiration from films to concepts explored in literature.

Source of motivation: Family and friends., planning for a better future for everyone by
exploring no waste, no cruelty, and sustainability through technology. I do hope to take
good care of each and every one… And this one thought too, ‘make a difference”.

What makes you happy: Simple things in life. Like having a long-forgotten childhood
snack…or hanging out with family and friends. I see it like this, it’s not what makes a person happy, as nothing in the world can sustain permanent happiness…Except for when you decide to be happy yourself, everything around will automatically ‘turn happy’ because you are happy ☺

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Favorite reads: Sounds weird but I find factual and informative materials to be stimulating. I love exploring new things so I constantly find myself reading stuff I am about to do LOL

Favorite tunes: All depends on the mood…can jump from French techno to classical
Bach…then back to Cuban Jazz.

Favorite foods: All the best tasting food in the world! …at its best when you can taste the
effort & heart that goes into it. Molecular Cuisine has been a recent favorite…

Beauty tips: Beauty sleep YESSSSS and plenty of water.

Favorite ways to unwind: Time-out with my cat. Purring sounds from my four-legged friend sure got soothing effects!

What gets you in a working flow: Oh that horrible thought, “you are in trouble if you don’t get this done…” hahaha

What are you working on now: The launch of my upcoming fashion film.

Favorite motto/quote: As my dad would say, “There are no dead-ends in life, just alternative routes…”