FULL MOON SCORPIO + Energy Report: 4/30-5/6

April’s energies had us in the continued work of redefining our boundAries – the ability to know where we begin and end and the place that others, and just about everything else on earth has within that realm. Since the beginning of the year I personally have felt a complete reworking of who I am intrinsically, a honing process where I’m looking into the often overlooked nuances and subtleties of my own healing progress. My successes have been in my ability to bring my healing out of the realm of ideas in my head and into my body, but often I get there by spirit pushing me to the edge of what I think I can handle. I think we have all seen just how strong we are, we KNOW what is going on mentally, and now we need to facilitate the shift by supporting the next steps to bring that knowing into the body for the real healing to take place. 

This month we are asked to be present to our bodies, our homes, our experience of grounding and nesting through the energies of Taurus. Themes we are tackling through the month is our available resources, our material experience, our values, safety, security, and comfort. Taurus is an earth sign, and it’s fixed meaning it’s steady but sometimes steadiness can be harnessed as stubbornness. Taurus has a tendency to not processing ANGER efficiently, it’s a patient since ruled by Venus – planet of harmony, artistry, worth, wealth, affection, value. This intrinsic need for patience and peace means that sometimes it is driven to its breaking point which ends in an eruption rather than utilizing boundaries properly. Allow the energies of Aries to continue to work their magic within the realm of Taurus. As we work through the zodiac energies during the year, it’s an opportunity to utilize them all, gathering knowledge and a more balanced approach using all available energies. 

Taurus asks you to dig in, get grounded into the soil of life. What are your intentions around financial security, home stability,  creativity, love? What sustains you?  This is a month to ground our ideas into reality, small step by small step. Taurus rules finances, banking, personal possessions. Why do we want what we want? What are we willing to do to get it? What is the motivation behind what we perceive as “safe and secure”? All things to consider as we build to our New Moon in Taurus mid month. 

The theme of this full moon is “Honoring the cycles of your body with discipline”. The moon represents our feelings, intuition and our natural rhythms. It an also represent our fears and delusions and Scorpio is an energy that wants to bring the secret to light. Scorpio is a placement that can be deep, obsessive, sexual, passionate, forceful, compulsive. Something new is trying to begin in our physical world and in our physical habits at this time. Scorpio is deep, it’s the deepest, stillest, blackest water and we have to ask, whats underneath? Secrets maybe revealed -remember we are still looking at the underbelly of the underbelly with our Jupiter in Scorpio retrograde – expanding through excavation. This Full moon will be an excellent time to “let shit go” as Scorpio also rules the excretory system and bowels! What do you need to ‘dump’? okay done with puns…I’ll be holding my Full Moon Online Circle on Monday 4/30 at 7pm join below. 

This card in it’s shadow element can represent excesses, self indulgence, lack of intimacy, disharmony, conflict, selfishness and a disconnect from community – you need to take care of yourself and build bridges. Have you been isolating? Do you feel isolated? What does your community look like and does it feed the growth that you are perpetuating? Look for the higher themes of the 3 of cups, gratitude, celebration of work well done, and higher forms of socializing. 

Okay Mercury Retrograde is officially off the books! 

Uranus is THE GREAT AWAKENER, our planet of genius, social awareness, individuality (Ruler of Aquarius). It’s original, it’s ingenious it’s very “I WILL FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE” and it’s going to shift into Taurus until April 2026. Uranus is a generational planet and this will be a really significant time for us and especially for the collective – things that we undergo now and initiate are going to have long reaching results for us.

Uranus represents freedom and Taurus represents our earthly possessions so we can guess that over the next 7 years we will be discovering more freedom from societies material standards.  Uranus is very slow moving and the last transit of Uranus in Taurus happened 80 years ago, so around 1934-1942. At this time we saw the second world war and this was also the time of the great depression which lasted from 1929-1939. The  Social Security Act was also brought about during this time so we may see some shifts in that regard.  We may see shifts regarding currencies and the type of currencies we use.  This doesn’t mean that we will see things like another war or a great depression, but this will certainly be a review period, what have we learned in the middle time between then and now? What still needs to change? So much. As a society we have to start seeing the 1% of wealthy individuals hoarding the wealth of the 99%.  We need to get rid of competition and petty jealousy with our neighbors instead standing up together and getting rid of a system built by greed and users where corporations are more important than individuals.  We must really support one another and the right for all to have their fair share. What if we all had exactly what we need to live a sustainable healthy and loving life? What if we need to give up the notion of “getting rich” too? All things we will ponder individually and collectively….

The energy of Uranus into Taurus reminded me of the image above with the Bull on Wall Street and the fearless little girl defiantly standing in front of it. We cannot let materialism and greed continue to destroy our people and our resources and that of the entire world. 

Finally – Self care is not a luxury,  it is a necessity. We learn in school that we have to ask someone else for permission to take care of ourselves or wait for the appropriate time in response to others (i.e. you have to ask to use the bathroom in school) we get comfortable in that conditioning and we like being accountable to other people, but this conditioning has disempowered us  as human beings. We can see this when the financing of war and military defense to protect corporations means more to the system than the health and wellness of the citizens who live here. I built and created a life where self care is my number one expense and priority. I did this starting from zero, nothing, no college education either! I know it can seem overwhelming, start by simply giving yourself permission to move forward in some way with your self care, your personal fulfillment, your creativity and your wellness.

With love &  in support of your expansion and divine worthiness, 

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