The Reality of Truth: A Modern-Day Testament to the Potential of Plant Medicine

Gathering ancestral crops from a variety of the world’s most prestigious and prophetic thinkers while unfolding galaxies through trekking through holy fields of astute wisdom, The Reality of Truth is a modern-day testament to the universal benefits of maximizing the potential of plant medicine, Ayahuasca, and meditation. Whether it takes developing a kinesthetic awareness of […]

Fashion Style

Lindsey Thornburg Ceremonial Collection

Wikipedia says: “Ceremonial dress is the clothing worn for very special occasions, such as coronations, graduations, parades, religious rites, and trials. In the hierarchy of dress codes (e.g., Dress code (Western)), ceremonial dress is the most formal and offers almost no room for personal expression. Examples of ceremonial dress include: the ermine lined cloak, crown […]

Consciousness Culture Film

Icaros: A Vision

Icaros: A Vision explores the Amazon jungle and consciousness. It’s a stunning directorial debut by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi. Lyrical, haunting and dream-like, the film opens on Friday May 19th at Metrograph in NYC followed by a national rollout in several cities in the US and overseas. The NYC premiere will feature q&a’s with the filmmakers Matteo Norzi […]

Beauty Fashion Style

Don’t Be Cruel

Focusing exclusively on cruelty free brands, celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein played the juxtaposition of stunning Sudanese model Nykhor’s rich skin tone with the vibrant playfulness of 80’s inspired color. Everything in the details – from photographer, Matthew Priestley’s opting to shoot film to stylist, Rachel Gilman’s artful layering of denim with pops of geometric accessories – […]

Art Culture Fashion

Jo Rosenthal

Jo Rosenthal is one of a select handful of young women in New York right now who is using art and activism to find their voice, and getting noticed doing so. The decidedly feminist and straight forward work Jo makes is nothing if not genuine. It induces the feelings of comfort found in a middle […]